Year 4 - Petty Pool Updates

Year 4 - Petty Pool Residential 15th March - 17th March 2017

Year 4 left at approximately 9.50am this morning. The activities for the next few days are water purification, climbing & traversing wall, orienteering, archery, zip wire, bushcraft and problem solving to name a few! Any further updates will be posted on this webpage. 

10.30 - Mrs Duffy rang to confirm that they have all arrived safely at Petty Pool.

Thursday 16th March 8.45am - Update from Mrs Duffy - 

All the children are enjoying themselves. They had a busy day yesterday doing orienteering and were all fast asleep by 10pm last night. Today is another day filled with activities such as Archery and Zip-Wire. Mrs Duffy said they were all up and ready for the busy day ahead.

Friday 17th March 9.15am - Update from Mrs Duffy -

The children are having a wonderful time and are all very well behaved. Mrs Duffy said they were all exhausted after a busy day yesterday and slept well. This morning they are up and ready for abseiling and bushcraft activities. Apparently there was a frog in someone’s room last night, I am sure we will hear all about it when they return this afternoon! The coach is due to leave Petty Pool at approximately 2.30, so they will be back for the end of the school day.

Friday 17th March - 3pm - Everyone returned to school exhaused!

Please look at the following gallery to see all the photographs from Petty Pool -


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