Year 1 2021 - 2022

Mrs Dowler

Miss Billington

Welcome to Year One!

Welcome to our new Year 1 class! They have made a fabulous start to the year and are full of energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead. The year will run slightly differently to previous years but we aim to keep working alongside you and ensure we support the children to continue to thrive in school. 

There are two class teachers in Year 1, Miss Billington Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Dowler Thursday and Friday. We are looking forward to getting to know you all and build some strong home-school links. Should you wish to get in contact, we can take short messages at the gate or you can email us using  or

Please check your Tapestry account frequently as this is where we send regular updates and notifications to keep you in the loop.


Maths or English homework will be given on Friday.  Please return the following Monday.

Spellings will be given out each Tuesday for a written test the following Tuesday. More information about this will be shared when we begin our Spellings session.

Details of homework will be uploaded to Tapestry every Friday.




Following the success of last year, we are continuing to use Tapestry in Year 1. Due to the nature of the curriculum, it will be used differently and we hope to develop this over the year. The key purpose of Tapestry is to keep the channels of communication open between home and school. We enjoy sharing the children's achievements and finding out more about each individual. You can access Tapestry on the link below.




We have PE every Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure your child has an inside and outside kit in school all of which must be clearly labeled.



This year we have purchased a new reading scheme with physical books as well as an online Libary. When this has arrived we will send out further details.

How to support progress?   

Being able to fluently read and decode the words on a page is only one side of creating lifelong readers. The other key part is comprehension. It is important that children understand what they have read and are able to convey this through discussion, retelling and by answering questions about a text. As children progress in their reading, as well as simple retrieval techniques, they will be expected to answer inference questions for which they are required to use information from the text to answer questions not always directly related or referred to within the text.  

 How often to read?   

Please only read a maximum of two electronic books a week as the books for each level are limited and just because a child has read all the books doesn't necessarily mean they will move up a level. They should read each book at least twice with an adult and answer the comprehension questions. Answering the Comprehension questions fully will significantly help their progress.  We will continue to read with children regularly at school and keep you updated with their progress.  


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