Year 4 2019 - 2020

Mrs Davies

Mrs Beaver


Welcome to Year 4 !

Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class webpage.

We've had a very busy Autumn term so far and the children have shown that they are a lively, hard-working and creative group of young people.

In Year 4 we encourage the children to show greater independence as learners and to develop their growth mind set in their approach to work. In class they are given many opportunites to work together cooperatively to discuss their ideas and produce successful, collaborative work.

A high standard of presentation is very important and it has been wonderful to see the children already trying hard with their handwriting and taking pride in their work. Many of the children are looking forward to receiving their Pen Licence in the coming weeks.

Everyone in the class has been given a specific responsibility and role which will help the classroom to run smoothly and efficiently eg. red box monitor, librarian etc. Over the year these jobs will be rotated so that all the children will have a chance to try out different roles.


School Council

Our School Councillors this year are Hester and Will who were voted into their roles by the class. Congratulations to them both and I am sure they will do an excellent job representing our class on the School Council ! 


Monday             Weekly spellings/ Spelling sentences                                 To be handed in on Friday

Tuesday            Reading (30 minutes)                                                         

Wednesday       KIRFS/Timetables

Thursday           Maths                                                                                  To be handed in on Monday

Friday                Music Practice



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