Petty Pool

Wednesday 14th March 2018 - 10.20am

Just a quick message to let you know that Year 4 have all arrived safely at Petty Pool.

As soon as I have further updates I will let you know.


All the children are fine and having a great time.

So far they have taken part in the Zip-Wire and the climbing & traversing wall activities. Planned for later this afternoon is ‘Woodland Orienteering’ they will then be settling in to their cabins and having dinner before taking part in an evening activity.

I will have a further update for you tomorrow and let you know how their first night went!

Thursday 15th March 2018


Mrs Beaver called this morning and all the children were asleep by 9 o’clock last night!

They had pizza, chips and ice-cream for tea last night followed by a scavenger walk in the dark with hot chocolate.

I will email later when I have further updates.


Latest update is all are having a lovely time, the children are enjoying themselves and are being well behaved.

Today they took part in ‘Forest Adventures’ this included activities such as shelter building and water purification.

I will email a further update tomorrow morning and as soon as they are back from Petty Pool tomorrow I will upload the photographs.

Friday 16th March 2017


Yesterday the children explored the forest… lighting fires and whittling sticks along the way!

After an eventful day, they all had sausage and chips for tea, followed by a long walk and a film before bedtime.

The report back this morning was that they were all asleep again by 9 o’clock last night!

Today’s planned activities are archery and abseiling.

The children are due back for 3.15pm today.

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