Boreatton Park 2018

Boreatton Park

Year 5 and Year 6 classes departed for Boreatton Park at 13.30 today.

15:30 - Monday 5th March 2018

Just a quick message to let you all know that all have arrived safely at Boreatton Park.

We are not expecting any further updates today, but as soon as I have news tomorrow I will let you know.

08:00 Tuesday 6th March 2018

Message received from Boreatton Park –

We all had a good night – no middle of the night disturbances!! Everyone ate really well last night and enjoyed the evening orienteering. We are all getting ready for a cooked breakfast and a morning of raft building!

Today the activities are Challenge Course, Abseiling, Raft Building and a campfire tonight.

08:30 Wednesday 7th March 2018

Message received from Boreatton Park this morning –

Morning. A very good night’s sleep was had by all after much singing and dancing around the camp fire. Behaviour is really good and they are really looking after each other. Off for a cooked breakfast before canoeing.

Today the activities are canoeing, tunnel trail, trapeze and the activity ‘snap shot’ tonight.

08:45 Thursday 8th March 2018

Message received from Boreatton Park this morning –

All the children are behaving exceptionally well, supporting and encouraging each other. Last night they had a choice of lasagne or chicken Kiev for dinner. The teachers conducted a room inspection and the girls rooms are considerably more tidy than the boys! Tonight is disco night, so the excitement is building!

Today the activities include the giant swing, fencing, zip wire and archery.

08:30 Friday 9th March 2018

Message received from Boreatton Park this morning –

Morning! The children’s packing skills were a sight to behold! All done now though. The disco went really well with Evie, Poppy and Lucas winning prizes for their dancing. A good night’s sleep followed but there are lots of tired faces this morning.

Final activities include puzzle park, high ropes and the trapeze.


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