Welcome to Spring Term in year 5


Swimming will be every Monday morning for this half term.  Children will need to remember their kit, including goggles (NOT snorkelling type goggles).  Also, it may be worth considering the type of swimming shorts the boys are wearing.  Although there are no specific rules at the pool, the larger, baggier shorts can make swimming much harder as they create a lot of resistance!


We have been working very hard with fractions so far this half term.  These children are solving a very challenging problem!




















We have been looking at reversible and irreversible changes.  The children had great fun making 'armpit fudge' to demonstrate an irreversible change.  Once the ingredients had been added to their bag, the children heated them under their arms while continuing with their work.  Once the mixture had turned to fudge, the children tasted it.  It was delicious!  We even persuaded Mrs. Davies to have a go!






Motown to Broadway - Music

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