RSPB Wild Challenges!

The RSPB Wild Challenges Awards!

This year the school has been working towards the RSPB Wild Challenges Awards and recently we have been awarded out bronze certificate!

For this award we have been doing lots our outdoor activities to encourage, help and explore our surrounds and wildlife! Have a look at what we have been getting up to!

Wild Writing!

The year 3's went out on to the field on a lovely sunny afternoon to take notes of what their senses are telling them about the natural world! We used out touch, smell and sights!   

Minibeast Safari!

The nature club completed this activity by taking out our magnificing glasses and identification sheets to explore the wildlife that lives around our school grounds! We explored underneth logs and around the bases of bushes to see what we could find! We also had a budding pohotograph who took a fantastic photograph of an aphid scuttling across a rose leaf!


Home for Mammals

All the year groups have had a chance to build a home for our local hedgehogs! We went out to the field to find the most suitable place to put them inwhich they could take shelter and rest! Here are some photographs of different year groups helping our local wildlife!



Feeding the Birds!

The nature club have again been busy constructing a nice taste and refreshing treat for our local birds on a hot sunny afternoon! We used raisins, apples and pears threaded along a peice of thin wire to make a feeder which the bird could also perch on!


Homes For Habitats!

The years 6's worked together as a team to produce a homes for our local toads and frogs to shelter in while moving from one part of the field to another! To build this home we needed to follow instructions given by the RSPB to ensure we create the right enviroment for toads and frogs to shelter in! Here are some photographs!  



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