Phonics and Reading


At St Vincent's we follow the Letters and Sounds scheme (see download) to teach phonics but supplement it with Jolly Phonics resources, the National Curriculum Spelling Programme and Personalised Intervention or Rapid Phonics.

In Jolly Phonics every sound has an action, story and rhyme. We make phonics as multisensory as possible. This has included walking in custard and cornflakes for 'c' and making milkshakes for 'm'.

Reading Schemes

Jelly and Bean

In Reception we use a reading scheme called 'Jelly and Bean' where the words are decodable and focus heavily on the blending skills. Once children are confident blending we move them onto the whole school reading scheme.

Whole School Reading Scheme

We believe children become lifelong readers when they are provided with stimulating and engaging books, covering a wide range of topics and themes. We use a range of reading schemes set out in the book banding format. The schemes provide a wide selection of styles, presentations and genres which expose the children to a good breadth and depth when reading. Our Reading schemes include:

  • The Oxford Reading Tree
  • PM Scheme
  • Ginn 360
  • Rigby Star
  • Phonics Bug
  • Project X

Children are regularly assessed using our Benchmarking kit and move up through the coloured book band schemes at their own pace. Once confident in reading and understanding, the children move off the band schemes and onto ‘free readers’.


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