Our RHS Tatton Journey

RHS Tatton - 

This year we are excited to be designing and building a garden the Tatton Park for the RHS Tatton Flower Show. Over the past couple of months we have been working really hard sowing seeds, designing and making a model and poster to show the other schools what we are planning to do.

Our garden is based on a book called 'The Hodgeheg' which we have designed our garden around the story of the book.

The Design Stage

Firstly, we worked individaully to create our design using a piece of paper with the guidelines set our. We we're given key area of the garden like the pond, the ornimental garden and the road. The we worked in small groups and planned our garden using different shapes to symbolise different areas.       

  The model

The gardening club and some year 6's have been working really hard to produce a model ready to present at the RHS Tatton meeting in March! We made our model from an old piece of cardboard to be the main structure and then used coloured tissue paper, lolly pop sticks and paper straws to create our design in a 3D model!   

Sowing Seeds

Throughout the school the different year groups have been sowing a variety of seeds for the gardening club to care for until the show!



Different year groups sowing some varieties of seeds ready for the show!
Year 3's busy sowing Nastursums!
Year 1's sowing some Knautia's Year 2's sowing the Nastursums. Year 3's sowing the Nastursums.
Year 4's helped by planting up some hosta rhizomes! The year 5's sowing pansy's and petunia's for our show garden. Year 6's doing two vaierties of cosmos!

Leaf Art!

This week the year 6's were busy planning out our garden usign natural matierals on the field!


The children used a tape measure to ensure its the correct dimentions and continued to implement our desing including the road, pond, leaf pile and fence!

Planting UP!

The gardening club have been super busy potting up all our seedlings and plug plants to encourage them to grow bigger and produce more flowers!


The Fences

The reception children enjoyed getting their fingers messy by helping our with decorating our fences for the edges of our garden! We decorated our fences with lady birds, butterflies, catapillas and bumble bees! The year 6's were more than happy to help with the final touches on our fences too!


The Backdrop

This week at gardening club the children have sketched out in chalk their design for the backdrop! The included front doors and windows which are all in the requirements list from the RHS!



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