St Vincent's is proud to support our local charity - Kasupe.

Davy and Sally Chilakalaka (parents of children who attend our school) setup the charity in 2007 with the aim to advance the education of children in Malawi. 

The children of Chigonere Village used to walk 5km to the nearest school, but in the 4 month rainy season this was near impossible. This meant that the younger children were unable to attend school, missing out on valuable early years of education. In 2013 Kasupe Primary opened the first 2 of 8 classrooms, transforming the lives of 216 children.

Davy Chilakalaka recently returned from Malawi. Please see a brief update from the Chilakalaka’s and request for donations on his next trip in May 2017:-

The main purpose of the trip was to install a water tank for water harvesting. The water will be used for irrigation for crops for the school. This will provide food for the school meals and will also allow lessons on agriculture.

Davy also took a suitcase full of toys for the nursery school children.

We would like to thank St Vincent's staff and pupils for their continued support. We are travelling to Malawi again in May if anyone has any new/nearly new toys they would like to donate. We are also looking for assistance to ship larger items to Kasupe, if anyone can assist in this or has links to shipment/freight companies, we would be most grateful.

For further informaion please visit the Kasupe website - http://www.kasupe.org.uk/


Latest Videos from the Chilakala Family Trip to Malawi 


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