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The adventure begins

Our Sixth and Final Forest School Session

This week the children wanted to continue with the shelter building activity, however, to make it more challenging I asked them only to use natural materials found around the forest! Using a mixture of their initiative and previously taught knots they make a skeleton structure followed by layering sticks! The girls weren't as keen on the shelter building. Instead, they chose to go on a scavenger hunt to collect and find a variety of woodland objects. Using those objects, they drew and wrote a cartoon strip with mythical creatures to broaden their creativity!

It was a fantastic experience for myself, and I hope the children felt the same!


Our Fifth Forest School Session

This session I asked the children what they wanted to try, their choice was shelter building. I set them a challenge to make a shelter that would be waterproof, windproof and be able to stay up over the weekend in case we got accidentally trapped in the school field! It was great to see all the children working either independently or as a team to create their shelter. These are what they made!



Our Fouth Forest School Session

Knots! Knots! Knots! This week, we concentrated on knots! The children were challenged to learn knots and a lashing, they where the clove hitch and square lashing! With those knots, the children were asked to try and make a square using four sticks to use later in the session. Once the squares where finished, I asked the children to find a relaxing, calm space to sit a reflect on the session. They were asked to concentrate on one particular part of nature whether it was a spider making its web, a tree swaying or leaves falling from a tree. In the 15 minute reflection, the children thought about the session, how they behaved, what they linked and didn't like and how they have improved as a person after the first four forest school sessions.

Our Third Forest School Session

This week, the children couldn't wait to inspect their shelters to see what might have visited! They noticed that something or someone had tampered with their shelters. I asked the learners what could they do to protect their den's from predators or mystical creatures! Some decided to make traps using milk crates, ropes, spades, and tarpaulin whereas others wanted to make clay faces! It was fantastic to watch the children use their initiative and problem-solving skills! Look what the children produced!


Our Second Forest School Session

The session started with a quick game of '1,2,3, where are you?' which was swiftly followed by a team building activity where the children were provided with a variety of stepping stones, and their challenge was to get from one side of the lake to the other side without falling in. This activity was great for them as it showed good communication skills and their abilities to work as a team to produce a solution to a problem.

After that we concentrated on investigating what animals we have within out school grounds and what type of habitats they need to survive. We discussed what animals needs; water, food and shelter, and we discussed how we could provide for them. The children decided if they wanted to work alone or as a team and went off to build their animal dens. This again showed how the children could work as teams to produce an end product.


Our First Forest School Session

A group of year 4's students for the opportunities to trial out the new Forest School sessions with Miss Hughes. This week we started our session with a game of '1,2,3, where are you?' which is always a winner with the children which was followed by throwing and catching game where they are created their learned forest school names! 

After that, we went on an investigation to identify different tree's, insects, plants or funguses and either sketch, write a description of what they have found, and we used a variety of identification sheets to assist with the investigation, and they are got involved!

After that, we tried out some of the new knots Miss Hughes learnt to see if we could tie a clove hitch so we can use that in future weeks to create more woodland crafts!


Gardening Club Shelters!




 Tarpaulin Den building with Year 5's

A small group of the Year 5's got the opportunity to try out the new skills Miss Hughes has to learn from her Forest School course. We went out onto the field to construct our den using some tarpauling, rope and tent pegs.

The children were taught three different knots while out on the field to create their den.



Top left: Michael using the timber hitch knot to attach on end of the rope to our selected tree.

Top right: Joe helping Mrs Fitton to spread out the tarpauling along out rope.

Bottom: The children were over the moon with climbing into their den!

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