We have had a busy start to Autumn Term 1. We started the term by welcoming all 30 members of our class to school and getting to know our new classroom. 



We started by looking at our topic of All About Me and explored more about ourselves, our families and our likes and dislikes. We painted some beautiful self portraits of ourselves. 

We have since started to look at houses and homes. We started by looking at different houses around the world. We have been considering where we live and what our houses are like. The children have worked hard to design and make their own houses from junk modelling equipment thinking about different features of their own houses.



Super Sounds

We have been working hard with our phonics this term and have learned so many sounds already. The children have loved the songs and actions that we use to help us remember our sounds. We have tried lots of different activities linked to our phonic sounds including spaghetti splatting, toast making, apple printing and igloo building. We are now working hard to blend the sounds together to read simple words. We are working on our letter formations to help with our writing too!



Multicultural Week

We loved our Multicultural week at school. We chose to focus our class learning on Brazil. We learned lots of amazing facts about Brazil including where it is in the world, what language they speak, which religion they follow and what special traditions they have. We looked more at the Rio De Janeiro and their famous annual carnival which involves 4 days of non stop singing, dancing and celebrations. We looked at some of the beautiful vibrant costumes that people make and wear. We made our very own using paper plates, bright materials, sequins and feathers.....dont they look amazing?!



We also looked at the types of foods eaten in Brazil and enjoyed tasting some exotic fruits. They were delicious! 


God's World

The children have been learning about God's World. We have been talking about all the wonderful things that God created for us in our World. We went on a special God's World walk to appreciate all the things that we could see and hear around us. The children were very good at thinking about how we can help to care for God's World. 


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