Autumn term 2021

Current pick-up/drop-off arrangements and timings for Year 3:

8:55: Drop off at junior door

3:15 Pick up at junior door

PE information

Day                                                          Uniform needed

Thursday- Outdoor PE                         T-shirt, shorts and outdoor trainers


On our return to school we have benchmarked all pupils to ensure they were on the correct reading level. We have completed these assessments and as a result, we have adjusted some children’s reading levels up. We will benchmark throughout the year and will update their levels accordingly. 

Being able to fluently read and decode the words on a page is only one side of creating lifelong readers. The other key part is comprehension. It is so important that children understand what they have read and are able to convey this through discussion, retelling and by answering questions about a text. As children progress in their reading, they are expected to answer inference questions, as well as simple retrieval questions, for which they are required to use information from the text to answer questions not always directly related or referred to within the text.  







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